Jan 18, 2015

Maira darjah 1

Maira is in Standard One this year. My husband and I were pretty worried, but deep inside our heart we  are also very excited to see maira growing up and goes to primary school.

We attended Maira's orientation on Sunday 28 Dec. Everything went very well and we felt very excited to go to SKPTK. Briefing by the headmaster about the LINUS programme brought me a bit worry as i really hope Maira will not be the LINUS student at all.

12 January was the 1st day Maira officially goes to standard 1. My husband and i took 4 days leave to fix everything about Maira's school and her transportation after school.

Maira was placed in 1 Cemerlang. She seems happy in the class as she knew we were watching her from outside. During rest time she ask me to make her 'bekal' as she said she wasn't familiar with money, how to buy food from canteen.

On the 2nd day my husband and I decided to watch by the side after guide in on her 1st day. She went to find her seat. Washed hands after eating. All by herself. In fact, she was half ignoring us!

On the 5th day after 2 days test Maira stay in 1 cemerlang. Some of her friends were move to other classes. I feel very bersyukur and hope Maira will stay in cemerlang class until standard 6!

Next week Maira will start going to school with her text books and other bundle of exercise books! Not like she was in her kindergarten where all books were kept by the teacher at the school.

I hope Maira manage to get along with her new school, and will do very well in her academic and co-curiculum.

Good luck my princess....!

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